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Bottled Art is the brainchild of John Goodwin, an artist, illustrator,
and designer based in Scotland. Born in Manchester with a passion
for art from a young age, John's journey from an aspiring artist to a successful graphic designer and illustrator, has been impressive.


His unique style and creativity have earned him clients such as
Sky, Virgin Media, the London Stock Exchange and Unilever among

others. As a published illustrator, clients include Harrods, the Times, Oxford University Press and other numerous publications. His artwork, whether in the form of book covers, editorial illustrations, or standalone pieces, has consistently demonstrated his unique ability.


Bottled Art is a concept borne from a project whilst studying at art school, the project being explore and examine the unique qualities of found objects. In the task John observed glass and light interaction
and how intense colour can be and
the joy derived from these fleeting moments. This led to the development of bright colour palettes, freestyle lines and scale, the series has since never stopped evolving.

Experience it for yourself, Splash the Colour with Bottled Art and
bring joy and personality to any room. Get yours today!

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